No turbines No pylons
Paidiwch Torri Calon Cymru

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No Pylons, No Turbines

Who are we?

Caru Teifi is a Community Action Group based in Cellan and Llanfair Clydogau in Ceredigion. We formed in March 2024 to oppose the industrialisation of The Cambrian Mountains by Green Gen’s 52km Towy Teifi Pylon Line proposal and Bute’s Lan Fawr Energy Park along its associated large-scale wind farms.

Why are we objecting?

Whilst we acknowledge the need to address the climate crisis, we believe that the potential damage to the rural areas of Mid/West Wales, our environment and our economy is too high a price to pay. We believe these industrial developments are unnecessary and inappropriate for the Cambrian Mountains. These areas are environmentally sensitive and depend on farming and tourism for economic survival.

Wales has the potential to achieve its net zero targets and have surplus energy to export. This goal could be achieved by developing more offshore wind farms, such as expanding an existing wind farm located 10.5 km off the coast of North Wales or by establishing a floating wind farm in the Celtic Sea. The need for the Klondike gold rush that is currently taking place in our rural communities would be eliminated.

Do Bute Energy's plans benefit our communities?

No. The Power generated from this scheme is not for the benefit of Wales – it is for export.

  • According to the Welsh government's policy definition, the Bute Energy Group does not qualify as a locally or even partially owned organisation in Wales.
  • Moreover, its assets serve as security for loans from offshore investors.
  • Bute has NO real connection with Wales or long-term investment in Wales’s interests.

Stop Bute Energy - Bale poster