Take Action

Many people are unaware that major infrastructure projects are being proposed for our community. Some are aware but think that it won’t affect them. Help us to inform people what is happening and let them decide if this is the future they want for Wales.

Imagine the next few years with constant construction work, heavy transport vehicles clogging our rural roads, and the daily inconvenience of trying to negotiate it to get on with our lives. If these projects go ahead, we will have to confront this reality and witness these companies devastate Wales, farming and tourism, the economy, the environment, and all the living beings and ecosystems depending on it. It will never recover.

Lorna Brazell from The Cambrian Mountain Society recently spoke at a public meeting in Cellan Hall. She emphasised that the most impactful way to amplify our voices is to pressure our politicians by writing objection letters.

If you've explored this website's content and delved into the 'Other Voices' page, you will have discovered that similar project proposals are becoming widespread issues affecting communities across the UK. Help us ensure that it doesn’t happen to us.

This website is here to help you;

  • Find out about the proposals and the Impact they impose
  • Write objection letters
  • Pass on information to friends and neighbours
  • Print or make your own posters and banners