Email and Letter Writing

Here are some guidelines for writing letters of objection.

Nowadays, most correspondence is done by email, and the guidelines apply equally to snail mail and electronic messages. If you want to make a formal impression by email, you can write your letter in the normal way, saving a copy as a PDF and then simply attaching it to an email rather than printing and posting it. Most word-processing programs have an option for that. If your letter is lengthy, using a PDF for emailing is a good idea.

To whom should I write?

Objections should be sent directly to the company (or companies) concerned, Bute Energy Ltd. and Green GEN Cymru, and to the various political parties or bodies that may be involved.

When writing to the company, sending copies to your appropriate political representatives is a very good idea and lends more weight to your correspondence.

The registered office address for both Bute Energy Limited and Green Generation Energy Networks Cymru Limited is:

Hodge House
Guildhall Place
CF10 1DY

When searching for contact information for politicians and organisations, our Who's Who page will provide you with the email addresses of your MSs and MPs.

How important are the letters of objection?

Writing letters of objection is the single most effective way of fighting against pylons and turbines. We need Green GEN to receive a flood of letters of objection and for decision-makers in Cardiff to register the strength of opposition to this proposal.

How should I write my letter?

Revise and customise your letter using the key points provided on the Impact page while adding personal opinions. Remember to include your contact preferences and sign the letter with your full name and address.

Is there the option of signing a template letter?

Template letters can sometimes be weeded out and discarded. A personalised letter is ideal, but it can be hard to know where to start. Here is a framework letter for you to use as a starting point. This website will provide you with information to help you write your objection.

I have been given a questionnaire to fill in. Will that do?

Be cautious when filling out questionnaires, as the wording may be designed to produce predetermined results. The recent Green Gen survey questionnaires were a prime example.

Instead of completing surveys, write letters of objection.

Speak to your neighbours

We know that many people do not know about the proposals and how they might be affected.